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10 Ways To Make Your Small Space Feel Larger


Designing a small space is difficult, but there are many ways to utilize the space and make it look, and feel, great. It’s important to capitalize on all the space you DO have available to you, so we’ve organized some of the best ways for making a smaller space feel larger and less crowded.


1. Utilize Open Spaces


A common mistake when trying to make a small room appear larger is shoving all of your furniture against the wall or into the corners. Doing this can suffocate the room and bring attention to how little space you have in between all of your furniture. To utilize your open space, you need to place furniture with intent. You can angle chairs or even have your sofa in the middle of the room, making the room feel bigger because the area around all the furniture is walkable.


2. Light Colors


Nothing makes a room feel tiny like dark paint. Hopefully, your home has lighter paint on the walls. However, if it doesn’t, you could always hang a lightly colored tapestry or drapery on the wall. But, you need to make sure to check with your apartment complex to see if hanging decorative items on the walls are allowed.


3. Streamline


Streamline your furniture to utilize everything in the most practical way possible. If at all possible, buy furniture that functions as multiple things. The less furniture you have filling the space, the larger the room will appear. Also, it never hurts to be efficient and functional when buying home furniture.


4. Use Decorative Mirrors


Mirrors immediately open up a room because it “doubles” the room in size. Have you ever walked into a restaurant with a mirrored wall and had to do a double take because you thought there was a whole hidden section you didn’t know existed? When hanging mirrors, even if they don’t cover the entire wall, you can accomplish this same feeling. Mirrors can also be great decorative pieces.


5. Expose Windows


By removing heavy curtains or pulling back your drapes, you can instantly make your room feel bigger by allowing natural light to shine in. Removing obstructions so you can see outside gives the illusion of more space as well. According to multiple studies on the topic, being exposed to natural light can also help you increase productivity and sleep better at night.


6. Think Bright


Keeping in mind the window trick, having a well-lit room can also make your space appear bigger than it is. When your room is dark and shadowy, it can make you feel claustrophobic and has the same effect as dark paint on the walls. If you don’t have a lot of windows in your apartment, you can always buy decorative lamps and hanging lights to add extra light.


7. Avoid Clutter


Unnecessary items make a room feel heavy and disorganized. To make your living room appear bigger, clear out all the clutter you’ve accumulated over the years. Go through all of your decorative items and think long and hard about whether or not you want to keep them around. You could use the happiness method: ask whether or not the item makes you experience joy. If you answer no to this question, either toss the item or donate it. If yes, keep it.


8. Balance


Balance is essential when decorating a small space. Make sure your paintings aren’t cluttered onto one wall, utilize the entire room to space out furniture and try not to group dark furniture together. By spacing out your furniture and balancing the design, the room will feel much bigger and like you’re utilizing the space to your best advantage.


9. Glass Furniture


Buying a glass table or tv stand can help brighten and open up a room. Since you can see through the material, it makes it feel as though nothing is even there. Glass furniture is modern and sleek, and it fits in with most designs.


10. Monochromatic Styling


When buying decoration and furniture, try to keep it to one color. You can buy variations of shades of this color, but avoid getting too heavy-handed with the pops of color. When using a monochromatic color scheme, the room appears more cohesive and larger, especially if the color you choose is lighter, like white.