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4 Tips to Throw a Successful Football Watch Party

Grab your grill and ice chest because football season is officially here. Going to a restaurant or sports bar is one way our fan favorites want to watch the big game, but hosting your own private event is just as fun. Throwing a football watch party is a fun way to cheer on your favorite teams with your friends from college or your next door neighbors. However, we know how stressful it is to plan and execute an event your friends will remember for years to come.

It’s better to over prepare than under

You’re strolling down the snack aisle and the family sized bag of chips is not as big as you would like, so you’re debating on buying two. Do it. Remember you are hosting a party for a crowd and when people know food is involved they come with an appetite. Scared to have too many leftovers? Don’t worry. Find fun recipes online to use the leftovers for meals and snacks throughout the following week.

Provide enough seating

Parties are supposed to be comfortable and fun, but what’s not fun is having guests sit on the floor because of a lack of seating. Try to get a rough estimate of guests, so you can make sure you can entertain everyone comfortably. Don’t be afraid to grab your rolling chair from the office or the accent chair from the guest bedroom.

Think simple

After all, this is a watch party. People come to sit in front of the television and watch football. Think simple snacks, so they are quick and easy to refill. When it comes to decorations, remember you’re throwing a party not a gala. Material items won’t make the memories; it’s the people you share them with.

Stock your bathroom

The living room and kitchen aren’t the only parts of your house your guests will party in. Remember to have plenty of hand towels, soap, and toilet paper ready to go for your guests. Having air freshener is also an excellent way to go the extra mile. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite team or rooting against your rivals, Sunday football is best enjoyed with your friends. Don’t stress, but remember to think big and you’ll for sure earn some points with your pals.

Be Courteous of Other Residents

When you live in an apartment or even a rent house your neighbors are very close and noise, congestion, traffic, and parking can disturb and create complaints. So, one way to keep the peace is to invite your neighbors or at least let the neighbors know the party specifics. This way your neighbor is prepared and can plan accordingly. Also, let your own guests know to be courteous of neighbors and abide by the golden rule.