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5 Cheap and Easy Halloween DIY Decor Ideas

Create a spooky setting in your home with these Halloween DIY decor ideas, compliments of

Poison Bottles

Finished with your old-fashioned soda bottle or your favorite wine? Don’t through away the bottle! To make the poison bottles, wash and dry the glass bottles–removing any residue or wrapping. Apply one layer of spray primer to the cylinder. After drying, spray two to three coats of matte black spray paint onto the bottles. Finish it up with your personal touch of spooky labels or twine tied around the top.

Faux Formaldehyde

Using old lidded jars, fill the container up with water and squeeze a couple of drops of green food coloring. Adding rubber creepy crawly creatures like mice, snakes, or bugs will mimic mad scientist labs from your favorite scary movies.

Spooky Rose Centerpiece

Creating these spooky rose centerpieces are the easiest in Halloween DIY decor. Simply grab a bouquet of faux roses (they can be any color) and a can of metallic black spray paint. In an open area like your backyard or porch, spray the flowers with the paint, coating it two to four times. Don’t have a dark or spooky vase to showcase your flowers? No problem. Wash and dry a used large soup or vegetable can and voila!

Mummy Masons

You can purchase all items at your local dollar store. You will need gauze, googly eyes, mason jars, tea candles, and a hot glue gun. Start by wrapping the gauze around the mason jar and glue them back in place following by gluing the googly eyes on the front. Place your candle inside, light it up, and you now have a cheap and quick Halloween craft that the kids will love.

Halloween Hand Soap

What’s scarier than germs and bacteria? How about eyeballs in your soap. From your local dollar store, drop small Halloween goodies–bats or pumpkins for example– in your hand soap bottle for a quick and easy Halloween decor fix.