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5 Christmas Decor Ideas for Rentals Without Fireplaces

Christmas decor has a magic to it that brings out the holiday spirit in all of us. But living in a rental or an apartment can limit how big you can go this holiday season. One quality that an apartment usually lacks is the traditional fireplace mantel used to hang stockings and wreaths. To get around these kinds of limitations in your space, we have provided this guide to decorating.

Hanging Wreaths

Wreaths are some of the most versatile decorations for any holiday. If you are unable to place one on your front door or mantel, you have plenty of options to work with. Small hanging wreaths have become a trend lots of people are talking about. Their small size and simple use of ribbon have made them a must-have decoration for any holiday season. You can hang them on the front of your cabinets, from your ceiling, or off the back of your dinner table chairs. Mix ribbon colors with red, green and, white or keep a consistent theme throughout. There is no wrong way to use these little guys.

Chalkboard Fireplace

The use of chalkboards in decorating has become quite popular as well. So if you don’t have an actual fireplace, now you can draw one! Chalkboards of varying sizes and styles are available for purchase online and at most craft stores. You can place your chalkboard against any empty wall you feel should be decorated. You can accentuate the fireplace by trimming it with garland, lights or both. As for the content of your board, you can write quotes, start a Christmas countdown or draw your own logs and fire.

Improvised Mantel

If your apartment or rental permits (make sure to contact your property manager or owner first), you can install an easy-to-hang shelf on a wall in your living space. You can find all kinds of styles online, but try to stick to the ones that only require a command hook or a couple of screws to install. You can trim your shelf with lights and garland and even hang it above your chalkboard fireplace! Another project that you can’t go wrong with, just be sure you don’t place anything too heavy on the mantle!