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Who wants to hang outside when it’s freezing? And why should you if there are plenty of activities you can enjoy inside while feeling warm and cozy? These five ideas may make the snowman outside jealous, but he’ll understand. Gather your family and friends and enjoy this list of indoor activities to do when it’s cold outside!

Make it a movie day

When it’s too chilly outside, the thought of going to the movie theater isn’t an option. In this case, bring the movie theater to your living room. Pop a family-sized bowl of your favorite popcorn, cuddle on the couch and get ready to binge-watch all of your favorite films.

Organize and declutter

Some may view organizing as a chore, but for many, it can be a rewarding task once it’s completed. Without feeling rushed, now you’ll be able to sift through every drawer, reorganize that spot you’ve always wanted to, or finally get to folding all your laundry.

Bake something sweet

Let the smell of chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread houses fill your home with baking something sweet during a cold winter’s day. You can even invite some of your friends and family over and see who builds the best gingerbread house or have fun decorating festive sugar cookies together.


If you’re stuck inside and have a knack for decorating, moving things around in your home is an activity that you’d find fun. Try rearranging your furniture, hanging your pictures in different places, or search online for new ideas.

Build a reading nook

Books are always an option when the weather gets dreary! Find the most comfortable spot in your house and decorate it with fluffy pillows, soft blankets, and a nice hot mug of hot chocolate. After you’re at your optimal comfort level, grab your favorite book, and begin your reading marathon.