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While the rental process may seem a bit stressful, we’ve come up with a simple guide of apartment hunting tips, so you can make sure you find the right place for you!

Set your timeframe

The best time to begin apartment hunting is usually 1-2 months in advance of your expected move-in date. Any earlier and you could run into a problem with availability as apartments are likely to be sold 30-60 days after their listings. If you’re looking to limit moving expenses, winter is a considerably cheaper moving time. As winter weather disincentives many from moving, there will be less of a demand, and therefore, less expensive moving rates for customers.


While looking into an apartment, it is also essential to keep in mind both short-term and long-term costs. Short-term being the initial application fee, security deposit, and other expenses (e.g., renter’s insurance, utility deposit). Long-term costs consist of rent and utility bills. Additional expenses may include pet deposit (or monthly pet fee), annual parking fees, pool/gym maintenance fees, etc. Some landlords also require you to pay rent for the first and last month in advance.

Criteria & location

What are you looking for in an apartment? Are you looking for a studio-style or a single bedroom layout? Would you prefer living on the first-floor or second or maybe a third story with a view? These are all things to consider when finding an available apartment, not to mention the location. Our website allows you to choose specific filters that narrow your selection and make it easier to shortlist apartments.

Start touring

Once you’ve narrowed it down to your top choices, start touring some of the apartment complexes. Online searching and scrolling through images can only go so far; it’s time to see your potential new home, face-to-face. Set up an appointment by calling the leasing office.

Rental application

Once you’ve found an apartment that checks off all the necessary points on your checklist, it’s time to start the application process. The key to a successful apartment application is to be prepared. Typically, the rental process requires your financial information and proper documentation, such as your credit score and most recent pay stubs. While management may not ask for all of these things, having them prepared means you’ll be ready right away to sign on an apartment you love!