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Falling leaves and cooler temperature means that fall has finally arrived! Sweater-weather, pumpkins and the holiday season is near. Check off everything on this list to see if you’re ready for this fall season!

Break out the warmer bedding and blankets

The fall time is the best time to bring out those thick blankets and cozy up on the couch.  

Break them out of the linen closet and drape them on your couch, that chair over there, and even your bed. If you have a heavier duvet folded away, switch it out as well as the nights become chilly. 

Check for drafts

Keep the cold air out by checking for drafts around the edges of windows and doors. If you notice that an area of your home near any windows and doors is chillier than others, you may want to report these findings to your apartment’s management office. Installing heavier, thicker drapery around, especially drafty windows will also help keep the cold out. 

Swap your sandals for sweaters instead

If your closet is smaller, now would be a perfect time to swap your summer clothing for your winter clothing instead. Switching out your tank tops for warm hoodies will make it easier on you later when the weather gets colder. While you’re at it, now would also be the perfect time to purge any clothing you’ve wanted to donate or sell. 

Reprogram your thermostat

If your thermostat is reprogrammable, be sure to reset it to the changing temperatures outside. You should also check if your heater is working properly by turning it on. The burning smell is perfectly normal as it is just the dust that has accumulated over the past few months burning. However, if the smell persists, or you have any other heater issues, be sure to have maintenance come check it out before it gets too cold. 

Decorate with fall staples

Pumpkins, pinecones, cider, cinnamon, and apple pie are decorated throughout your home signifying that fall has finally arrived. Adding easy elements of fall decor like wreaths, pumpkins, and candles around your home will create the perfect autumn ambiance for those cold, cozy nights.

Stock up on firewood

Starting a warm fire can set the perfect setting for snuggling up to read a good book while still keeping you warm. Be sure to stock up on firewood as soon as it becomes available for the season. Also, ensure that you are keeping your firewood in a cool, dry place until needed.