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If you’ve tried studying in a loud cafeteria or during one of your roommate’s late-night guitar sessions, you know that some study sessions have gone better than others. As a college student, you will spend at least a third of your time studying. So instead of sprawling out on the floor or on the couch in front of the TV, try creating your own positive and encouraging study space with these tips!

Pick One Place

You can designate one area of your room to become your personal study space. But be sure to pick a space that you feel comfortable being in again and again as you will (or should!) be here a lot. With time and repetition, your brain will be able to understand that this space is specifically for studying and studying only, which can come in handy when you are crunched for time with exams.

Find the Natural Light

If you’ve ever worked in an office, fluorescent lighting can be harsh and unruly at any time of the day. Try finding any sort of natural lighting that your room brings to add warmth and liveliness to your space. 

Keep It Positive

Studying can bring negative and gloomy thoughts to any student’s mind, so try to decorate items around you that bring you joy. Things like pictures of your friends and family, your favorite quotes, or even little knick-knacks that remind you of happy memories. 

Trade Music for Ambient Noise

While listening to music can put you in a good mood, it isn’t helpful when your mind is focusing on the lyrics instead of your textbook. What you should try instead is turning on classical or ambient music. This type of music can liven up your mood, without distracting you from your studying. 

Get Comfy…but Not Too Comfy!

Being comfortable while studying makes for a good reason to want to continue staying in that space. But studying in your sweatpants and t-shirt can send signals to your mind that it’s lounge time instead of study time. Instead, try changing out of your pajamas before you open that textbook, so you know it’s time to get to work.

Don’t Forget to Leave

With all of these tips, you’ve created the best study space out there and will probably love being there. But remember: this is a study space, not a hangout space. Binging Netflix and chatting with friends on the phone should not be done here as it can confuse your brain into what this space is meant for. Be sure to realize that once you leave this space, you can take a break and recharge until the next session.