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Make a comfy space for your dog, that’s still apartment friendly.

You’ve got your dream bedroom all set up in your apartment, but what about your dog? Since your dog won’t have a backyard to claim, you’ll need to create a space for them. Luckily, a few simple items can make a home for your dog in any apartment that allows pets.

Think playpen, not crate or cage.

There are so many great enclosed playpens on the market for dogs. They’re also relatively inexpensive. If you’re gone for long stretches of the day, a playpen may be better for your dog. It is more relaxed than a crate or cage but still keeps your dog from wandering your apartment. Playpens are easy to find online and in major pet stores.

Cozy beds are a must.

We all love to collapse in our beds at the end of a long day. Every person and every dog needs a place to cozy up. Don’t skimp on a good dog bed! Your furry friend needs some to catch quality zzzzzs too.

Have toys that don’t need to be fetched.

If you weren’t thinking, you’d probably assume that you should fill your playpen with ropes and balls. But, remember, you’ll need toys for your doggo that don’t need to be thrown by a human. The almighty Kong toy is perfect for dogs when they’re alone. Just put peanut butter or treats in the Kong and your dog will be stimulated for hours trying to get their treats.

Buy healthy treats to snack on.

Worried your dog will chew through all your stuff? Or even their playpen? That’s where a few treats can come in handy. A dog bone is perfect for a playpen because it will distract your dog, but they won’t be able to hide it around the house.

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