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Apartment living doesn’t have to shackle a person’s green thumb. There are ways to transform your balcony into a luscious, green paradise. Vertical planting, going green, and accessorizing are all key to the perfect outdoor creative space.

Go Up, Not Out

Because there’s not always an abundance of space on apartment balconies, building upward instead of outward is key. To avoid lots of potted plants sitting on the balcony floor, use shelves, hanging planters, plant stands, vertical wall planters, or railing planters to conserve space.

Layering plants vertically instead of horizontally creates a beautiful waterfall effect that will transform the space into a green escape- not a cluttered mess.

Go Green

Green is good! Incorporate lots of green, leafy plants first. Don’t stress too much about adding in colorful, seasonal flowers; instead, consider evergreen and year-round plants such as succulents, heucheras, golden swords, and bergenias that will provide a great foundation and last all year long.

Then, once you have a long-lasting, green background, you only have to choose a few of your favorite colorful flowers, or none at all! This is your space, and you make the rules.

Accessorize. Accessorize. Accessorize.

What good does a balcony garden do if you can’t sit outside and enjoy it? Consider adding trendy seating for you and your family/friends to sit and enjoy the beauty you’ve created in this new space. A sturdy, weatherproof bench or a couple of simple garden chairs should do.

Another great addition to consider is string lighting. String lights make for a serene and laid-back atmosphere perfect for sunset and nighttime settings. They’re easy to install and can provide just the right amount of light.

Add whatever your heart desires! This is your space, and it should be a place for self-expression. The decor should be things that you enjoy because you will be the one experiencing the garden more than anyone else.