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DIY Fall Inspired Wreath

Fall is fast approaching– and it’s time to break out your jackets and boots. However, just as you need to dress accordingly for the cooler weather, so does your home. Buying wreaths at department stores and boutiques can cost up to a couple of hundred dollars, but hold your phone, your credit card and grab a hot glue gun. Today is the day you make your Fall inspired wreath.

Needed Supplies

  • 12”-22”  Grapevine Wreath (Note: The larger wreath you purchase, the more florals it will require)
  • Green Wire
  • Wire Clippers
  • Variety of Greenery and Florals (Note: maroon, yellow, orange, or burgundy for example)
  • Green Moss Runner, optional


  1. First, you need to develop a color pattern. Whether you decide to do tones of red, brown, or a variety of colors and shades, you need to plan before placing the flowers on your wreath. Try using accent flowers as well to switch up the texture.
  2. (Optional) Though this step is not required, it helps fill in the gaps of the greenery and flowers if you want a fuller wreath. Take the moss runner and weave it in and out of the wreath. There is no need to fasten the moss with wire. You can secure the ends if desired. For a darker wreath style, skip this step.
  3. Separate and cut the ends of your greenery into smaller clusters.
  4. Take the wire end and wrap it tightly around the group’s stem leaving a tail wire about 6-8”. Repeat until all greenery is finished.
  5. Secure the greenery clusters by inserting the wire in between the grapevines and moss. Wrap and pull the wire until it is securely fastened all the way to the wreath.
  6. Separate and clip flower stems. Again, leave enough room to be able to wrap a wire around. Using the same technique as you previously applied with the greenery, fasten the flowers onto the wreath. (Helpful Tip: Before securing the flowers, loosely place them on the wreath to find your desired look.)

Ta da! You now have created your personalized wreath and saved a couple of bucks in the process. For more fun, you can decorate and accessorize your wreath with pine cones, letters, number, or anything you find at your local craft store.