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DIY Fall Scents

Tired of burning through candles week after week? Still want your home to smell like pumpkin, apple, and all of your favorite fall fragrances? Make your house smell like the season with our DIY home scents.

Pine Cones

Nothing is quite as cozy as the smell of pine cones. It is as simple as adding a few of these to a bookshelf, the coffee table, and even your nightstand. This small addition will guarantee your home a fresh, fall aroma.

Dried Fruit + Spices Potpourri

Pick up your favorite combination of dried fruits, oils, nuts and more. For example, you could do dried apples, dried oranges, whole nuts, cinnamon, and your favorite essential oil. Once you’ve picked out your favorite essences and personalized it as you liked, it’s time to make the final product. Grab yourself a glass jar, and arrange the items as you want, pour in your essential oil of choice, and there you have it! It is that simple and is sure to fill your home with sweet scents.

Dried Orange Garland

For this one, you’ll need to pick up some oranges, cinnamon sticks, and twine. Begin by slicing each orange into thin slices. Set your oven to 200 degrees, and place them directly on the rack. Let them dry for approximately 3-4 hours, or until they are dried out. Be sure to flip them halfway through so that the oranges dry out evenly, and do not burn. Grab a drill, and drill a hole in the middle of each of your cinnamon sticks. Grab your twine and string it all together, in whatever pattern you desire. And there you go! Hang up the garland above your fireplace, on a shelf, or wherever you wish for a scented, cozy touch!

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