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Timing is everything. Waiting around just a few weeks before you need to move is never a good thing, and looking for housing any time of the year is already a hassle. Plan instead of procrastinating your fall housing with help from this blog, so you can secure that stylish apartment or cozy house.

The August Cycle 

There are peak times for every city where housing prices rise as new members of the community move in. For Lubbock, this time is the month of August. Students everywhere are moving to Lubbock to go to school and are also looking for housing, just like you. You want to make sure that you are looking in June and July (and maybe even May) as studies have shown that students and other residents are looking as early as ever. Looking a few months prior can also give you a higher chance of getting the apartment or house you want, instead of waiting around. 


In planning for your fall housing search, you should also consider taking time to make a trip to see your housing options. First, from curate a narrowed down list of apartments and houses that you would like to see. Then, plan to view the complexes take out complex and homes in an organized way so you can narrow the list down further. You should also consider taking this trip mid-week if possible, as the weekends can be hectic for leasing staff to show their residences. Not to mention, signing a lease can take anywhere from 2-3 days to finalize. 


Like they say, the early bird gets the worm. You don’t always have to wait a month or two before you start apartment shopping. Most highrise take out high rise apartments and homes have one or two units that are always available for showing potential residents. This allows for early access to see if you like the home and maybe even get your name on a potential waitlist they have during the time you want to move. Having your name on the waitlist as early as possible leaves you secured with your dream apartment and worry-free.