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Easy Everyday Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

Keeping up with your apartment and its overall appearance and state of the apartment can be tough, especially when you factor in a full-time job and other responsibilities. It’s easy to let little things slip and go by until suddenly you wake up and have 400 things to do in your apartment. Below are some of our favorite tips on how to keep your apartment mess free, which means no more sporadic cleaning and panicked shoving when the friends, partners, or parents want to come over.


Easy Everyday Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

We all stop and look at those items we have never used, or haven’t used in years, and wonder why we allow them to take up space in our apartment. Rather than saying, “I’m sure it’ll come in handy someday” to yourself for the tenth time, throw it out. The more you declutter, the more room you have and the less it seems you have to clean up unnecessary things.

A fun tip for decluttering clothes if you have particular difficulty parting with fashion items: When you hang up all your clothes, put the hangers in backward. When you wear something, wash it, and hang it back up, turn the hanger back around. After a few months, see what has been turned around, and what remains backward. Then, you have a pretty easy guide on what you like to wear and what is just taking up space in the closet.

Continually Clean

Easy Everyday Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

This applies to almost anything you do. Whether it’s getting ready and dressed for the morning or working in your office, it’s important to purposefully pay attention to what you move around and make sure it gets back to where it belongs.  When you’re cooking, clean as the food bakes or the sauce simmers. Once you’re done, you’ll end up with two things: a delicious meal and a spotless kitchen.

Also, apply this to your overall apartment. If you take five minutes a day to focus on cleaning quickly and efficiently, you will be able to stay on top of a lot more in your apartment and avoid the dreaded eight hour long cleaning days.

Keep Up With the Little Things

Easy Everyday Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment

Make sure to keep track of when and how often you’re keeping up with small maintenance tasks. Keep on your schedule when you should contact the maintenance staff to do fixes around your house, like changing the air filters. Other things like light bulbs and smoke detectors batteries can easily go unnoticed or ignored.  It’s also important to have extra batteries for the detectors as well as light bulbs on hand so that replacing these items doesn’t get put off for months at a time. It’s a lot easier to unscrew a bulb when you don’t have to spend 10 minutes waiting in line at the store to get one.

Fun Tip: A good pattern to keep up with changing the batteries in smoke detectors is to change them on the same day as Daylight Savings Time. This way, you’ll never forget!

Other little things include simple tasks like making the bed. For some, it is a painful task. Pointless even. However, studies have shown making your bed first thing in the morning increases productivity and alertness. If taking three minutes to make your bed in the morning jumpstarts your day, then we say that is a great investment.

The best way to get into some of these routines is to start off slow. If you jump right into trying to get organized and be cleaner, then more often than not, the quest will be abandoned. We challenge you to pick one thing on this list and keep up with it for an entire week. Once it becomes a part of your habit, slowly add on another task and another until everything becomes a part of your general routine. If you do this, your apartment will be clean and clutter free no matter the day, month, or year.