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As the summer heat continues to rise, it’s tempting to crank down the AC and turn on every fan in the apartment. While these methods can work, they are not the most energy-efficient or cheapest options. Here are some suggestions that can save you money, energy, and keep you #coolforthesummer.

Keep your blinds closed/Install blackout curtains

While many people keep their blinds open for natural light during the day, this can heat up your apartment in no time. Closing your blinds will cool down your apartment and keep the sun from beating down on you and your furniture.

If this isn’t enough, getting curtains can also be a huge help. Blackout curtains, more specifically, can create a thicker barrier between the outside heat and yourself by naturally insulating your home. Adding curtains can be the solution to cooling down your apartment and add an aesthetic touch to your apartment- maybe they’re what you needed to complete the room all along!

Be smart about your doors

Keeping your doors open (inside of course), will help for the AC to circulate throughout your apartment and cool down each room. If a door is closed, it makes it much harder for the AC to cool down the isolated room. If this room is your bedroom, you would hate to enter a hot room when it’s time for bed! Keeping the door open could be a simple fix.

On the contrary, keeping your doors closed to the outside heat will keep your apartment much cooler. Be conscientious of how often and how long you’re opening a door; whether you’re leaving or just taking out the trash, try and be as quick as possible going in and out of your apartment.

Capitalize on the cool night air

Let the cool night air in- it’s free! Opening a door or window in the cooler hours of the night can be the quickest and easiest way to cool down a room. This energy-efficient and free method can be extremely helpful to keep your room cool throughout the night.

Utilize your fans

Turning on your ceiling fan(s) instead of cranking down the AC will not only conserve energy but save you money. Did you know you can set your ceiling fans to rotate counter-clockwise? Changing the direction of your fans seasonally can make a huge difference. By setting your fan counter-clockwise at a higher speed, your guests will feel cooler, and soon so will your apartment.

Find cooking alternatives

Using your oven, whether you’re cooking something for the first time or just reheating it, exerts a lot of energy and puts off a lot of heat. Choosing a different method to cook, such as using a crockpot, microwave, toaster oven, or even grilling out are great alternatives to keep your apartment cool. If you have to use your oven, at least try to avoid using it during the hottest hours of the day and only use it when you have to.