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Healthier Halloween Treats to Hand Out

Visiting up 20+ homes, children can come home with mountains of candy on Halloween night. Not only does candy have plenty of sugar that aide to a poor diet, but a lot of the time children leave their candy uneaten; leaving mom and dad having to throw away uneaten candy. Here in Lubbock some dentists such as Wentz Orthodontics provide gift cards and other prizes in exchange for candy.

To put it into perspective, Hershey’s Mini Chocolate Bar contains 4.4 grams of sugar, Snicker’s “Fun Size” Candy Bars have 4.5 grams of sugar, and snack size Twizzler’s have 6 grams, while Snyder’s Mini Pretzels contain less than one gram.

When shopping for Halloween goodies to pass out this year consider these healthy alternatives:

  • Natural Fruit Leathers
  • Organic Fruit Snacks
  • Trail Mix
  • Apple Sauce To-Go Packets
  • Raisins, regular or yogurt coated
  • Juice boxes
  • Honey Sticks
  • Candied Apples
  • Caramel Apples
  • Animal Crackers
  • Mini Granola Bars

For a little extra fun try adding your own spooky touch on your healthier goodies this Halloween with stickers, ribbon, or anything else you can find at your local craft store.