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Cut The Cost Of Your Energy Bills

Whether owning or renting, having a place to hang your hat comes with a price tag. From furnishing to maintenance, the money spent towards you home can add up quickly, but one easy way to cut back on the costs of your home is by being smart when it comes to your electricity needs.

Wash on Cold

When doing your laundry, many people like to wash their clothes on the hottest setting; however, this uses a lot of energy. Try to wash your items on cold as much as possible for a little break in your electric bill.

Wash Heavy Loads Only

Bigger the better, simple as that. Washing larger loads are efficient when doing laundry while not trying to break the bank.

Wash at Night

Some power companies offer a discounted rate after peak times. Call your energy provider to see if they offer these rates; you never know how much money you could potentially be saving.

Switch to Strips

Most appliances or electronics, such as a television or desktop computer, regularly operate and use power even when not in use. Plugging these amenities into a power strip offers a simple solution to turning it off, and saving you money.

Shield from the Sun

Covering up those sun-beaten windows with curtains can keep your house as cool as ever. The cooler it is inside, the less work your air conditioning has to do, and the less money you spend.

New Lightbulbs

Studies show that incandescent light bulbs use over 90% more energy than LED ones do. New bulbs will shed some light on that pretty penny you will be saving.

All these relatively small changes can go a long way in cutting down your energy bills. Never have to deal with the hassle of handling expensive bills again.

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