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How to Deal with Bad Neighbors

Bad neighbors, we’ve all heard stories and may have had a bad experience ourselves. Some blast music in the wee hours of the morning, while others leave their trash on your porch. Regardless of what your definition is of a “bad neighbor,” we have all had to deal with one at some point in our lives. Here are our tips on how to deal with bad neighbors.

Get Ahead of the Problems

How to Deal with Bad Neighbors

Before they classify as “bad neighbors,” the neighbors are just minor inconveniences with the occasional loud music, yelling, trash, and so on. Tackling these minor problems before they become a habit is a significant first step in establishing a healthy relationship with your neighbors. A simple knock on the door and exchange of phone numbers is a good way of opening a friendly line of communication.  Not only does this give you an opportunity to meet your neighbors, but it also helps you get ahead of the game by stopping bad habits early.

Talk to Your Neighbors

Before you start calling the management or the police, knock on their door or give them a call and try and work things out yourselves. More than likely, the neighbor is unaware that he or she is an inconsiderate neighbor. When you talk to them, approach it with a cool head and casually explain the issues you are having with them. Being flustered and angry will only add fuel to the fire.

Talk to Your Landlord

If the problem persists even after you have tried to talk through your problems with your neighbor, then it might be time to bring the concern up to your manager if you are renting an apartment or rental house. Often, the owner will take the matter into his or her hands by talking to the bad neighbor. If the issues between you and the neighbor continue, then the landlord may be able to take action in switching around units or possibly evicting the bad neighbor if he or she is consistently breaking the rules.

Take Legal Action

If the problems persist, and you have tried calmly talking to the neighbor, then as an absolute last resort, you can talk to the police about taking legal action. If not done correctly, you will lose the battle and destroy the relationship with your neighbor, so if you choose to go down this road, be sure to do so responsibly. Additionally, if they are doing damage to your property can take it to a small claims court and plead for loss compensation. This is cheaper than traditional court cases which can exceed thousands of dollars.


If everything has failed, but you don’t want to work with lawyers, then you can take control of your destiny by moving or switching apartment units. While this isn’t the most convenient option for you, it will remove yourself from the situation and put you in an entirely new environment. Keep in mind many apartment lease agreements have fees that will be charged if you try to break the lease before it ends. Moving is the absolute last thing you should consider and is only applicable to the most extreme cases.