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With limited living space, every inch counts. This becomes even more apparent during the holiday season when you’re faced with an influx of guests and the urge to impress them with your holiday decorating. But just because your space is short on square footage doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the holiday cheer. Make the most out of your space with some of our favorite holiday decor ideas.  

Start with the Tree 

Many apartments are small and don’t have much space for gigantic holidays and seasonal decorations. However, there are still plenty of alternatives that give you the festive feel you’re looking for. Small trees can have just as big an impact as big ones. If your floor space is limited, consider these holiday tree options: 

  • Slim Trees: Slim trees take up less space than full-bodied trees and offer an ideal solution for narrow and tight spaces.  
  • Miniature Trees: If you’re looking for a tree that fits on the table or shelf to save valuable floor space, a shorter tree is an excellent option. Although you may not have room for a full-size tree in your apartment, consider decorating with two or more miniature trees throughout your living space. 
  • Half Tree: Half trees are just as they sound—flat on one side, allowing them to be placed against the wall. Unlike slim trees, the half tree isn’t narrower than the traditional tree, and they don’t protrude into the room as far as a full-diameter tree would.   
  • The Wall Tree: If space is limited or if you simply prefer not to have a traditional tree, you also have the option of creating the illusion of a tree on a wall. Pinterest offers a variety of ideas for creating all sorts of different wall trees, such as arranging garlands and string lights. Be sure to use command strips to avoid damaging the walls upon removal.  

Choose a Theme 

Themes help to unify your decorating scheme and make it easier to choose decorations. Some common holiday and seasonal themes might be based on:  

  • Color: Red and green are the traditional color combination; however, it’s certainly not the only one. It doesn’t matter which color scheme you pick, as long as you use them consistently throughout your apartment. Popular color schemes include red and silver, green and gold, blue and silver, or even all white.  
  • Seasonal Decor Icons: Choosing a particular decor can help simplify your holiday decorations. Some popular options are snowflakes, pinecones, garland wreathes, as well as warm scented candles like cinnamon and apples.   
  • Holiday Type: Whether your apartment is decorated in a rustic, elegant, modern, or minimalist style, consider looking for decorations that fit your home’s style without overwhelming the space. 

Holiday Lights 

Regardless of whether they’re all white or multi-colored, string lights immediately give your apartment a festive feel without taking up too much space. You can drape them around windows and mirrors, on kitchen countertops, doorways, or around the ceiling.  

Add Subtle Holiday Touches  

A furry white throw blanket draped over the couch or wicker basket filled with pinecones or ornaments will enhance the holiday atmosphere in your apartment without taking up a lot of space. Pine garland draped over doorways or festive doormats are also simple touches but an excellent solution to any holiday decorating scheme.  

Now that you have all the inspo you need to make the most out of your space, you may be wondering how to celebrateand what better way to celebrate than gathering your closest friends and family for a Holiday party. Get into the spirit and visit our blog for tips on how to set up the ultimate gift-giving celebration!