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Ask yourself these questions before signing a lease.

When do I need to sign a lease by?

Usually, this period occurs during the summer months when leases tend to run out, people graduate, and families move. More properties will be available during this time. If you sign too early, you may end up overpaying. However, they also go very fast. Being prompt during your search and signing process is very important because if left unattended, your dream home can become someone else’s. If your dream apartment has a long list of must-haves then sign a little earlier. If you are less particular, you might consider holding out for a good deal.

When will the previous renter move out?

This plays a huge role when your apartment will be considered “move in ready” for you and any possible roommates. Property managers use move-out dates so they can schedule maintenance and cleaning. This can take anywhere from a short period of time or possibly be a long-term process. You’ll definitely want any repairs done before you move in so that you won’t pay for previous tenant’s mistakes. Make sure you have a firm move-out date for previous renters and a timeline for any maintenance work planned.

When do I need to be moved in by?

Most management companies or rental homeowners want to have you move in as quickly as possible. Typically, most renters want to move in on or around the first of the month; this makes it simpler for everyone involved to calculate rents, deposits, utilities and moving companies. If you do choose a move in date during the month, be sure to inquire about any prorated rents or fees owed at move in.

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