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Got a case of the lazy bones? We’ve got some apps for you.

Caddy Delivery

Started by a couple of Texas Tech graduates, Caddy is one of the only apps that will pick up from any restaurant in Lubbock and deliver it to your home. Don’t put on shoes to get takeout, have it brought to you by Caddy Delivery instead.


We all hate grocery shopping. Even worse than having to wander around the store to get what you need is carrying a bunch of groceries to the car. Luckily, there’s Instacart. Pick the store you want to shop at, then pick the items you need and set a drop off time. In Lubbock, Instacart services CVS Pharmacy, Food King, Natural Grocers and even Costco. With Instacart, grocery shopping doesn’t have to take a whole afternoon.


If you’re still holding out on Amazon, it’s time to give in. They will deliver anything and everything right to your home. Also, Amazon has tons of movies and TV shows to watch, as well as several award-winning original series. Or, if you’re a reader, the selection at the Kindle store beats all other major booksellers. Amazon has perfected the art of laziness, and we love it.

Blue Apron

If you’re too tired or too busy to make it to the store, but want a home-cooked meal, the Blue Apron app might be perfect for you. Blue Apron is a culinary delivery service. They send ingredients and step-by-step recipes every week so that anyone can feel like a chef. Ideal for people who have a hard time planning groceries for a whole week of meals.