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Ways to make your apartment your own without leaving a mark.

If you skim read your apartment lease, you may be unaware that putting holes in the wall isn’t allowed. In fact, any hole in the wall might mean that you lose your security deposit. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to decorate your walls without putting nails in them.

Adhesive Strips/Hooks

Command hooks and strip adhesives have rendered nails unnecessary for decorating. From tiny adhesives that are practically invisible to heavy-duty rubber hooks, they’ve got you covered. There’s a wall adhesive on the market for practically anything you need displayed on the wall.

Poster Putty

Want to hang up your favorite poster? Skip the thumbtacks and try poster putty instead. It’s easy to apply and perfect for temporarily mounting up your favorite notes, decorations, and photos.


If you’re the sentimental type, display your favorite memories on a clothesline. There perfect for photos and love letters. It only takes clothespins and twine. Next, take the To mount the line to the wall, place adhesive hooks on the wall.

Wall Decals or Removal Wallpaper

Cover a blank space with a wall decal or removal wallpaper to instantly amp up any space in your home. Wall decals and wallpaper are a quick and easy way to turn your blank walls into masterpieces. On sites like Wayfair, customizable decals are available along with chic and modern designs and patterns.

Washi Tape

What is Washi Tape? It’s a Japanese tape created for artists. There are hundreds of colors and prints online, and a wide variety can be found at local craft stores. Any printed material can be placed on the wall and secured by a frame of Washi Tape. Posters, photos, and even monthly organizers can be artfully displayed.

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