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Prepping your Home for the Winter

As winter is approaching us, we remember some of our favorite things about this beautiful season–hot chocolate, holiday movies, lights illuminating the night. Keep your memories around the winter cheerful and fun without the terrors that stem from poor preparation. After all, there’s nothing joyous about broken pipes, leaks, and high electric bills.

Check your smoke detectors

Homes are more susceptible to fires during the winter, therefore, testing your smoke alarm is crucial to the safety of your home. Best practices are to check your smoke detectors with the time change. If you are unsure how to check if your smoke detector is working call the leasing office for assistance.

Replace dirty air filters

As dirt and dust collect on your filter, a blockage is formed, which makes it harder for warm air to distribute throughout your home. Filter changes may be a part of your properties preventative maintenance plan. If you are unsure, check with your leasing office to schedule a check or find out more about replacing a dirty air filter. Call your leasing office for more information regarding your air filter inspections.

Inspect doors and windows

Cracks in the edges of your doors and windows can wreak havoc on your electricity bill. Inspect these areas for cracks and contact the correct maintenance staff for the problem to be solved promptly.

Open cabinet doors and run water

During the winter it is common for the pipes in your home to freeze and burst, creating an enormous mess and causing a great deal of trouble. However, preventing this problem is relatively straightforward. Two simple tricks can help prevent frozen pipes. If you know the weather is going to be freezing, open the cabinets under your sinks and run a thin line of water through the faucets.  This will help the warm air circulate around the pipes and keep water flowing through the faucets. Your lease notifies you that your apartment should be heated to at least 50 degrees, 24 hours a day.  If you are going to be out of town, or away from your home for any length of time, it is always beneficial to let your leasing office know. During weather emergencies, our property managers will remind you to make sure you have taken the correct precautions to prevent freezing.

Reverse your ceiling fans

As the hot air rises to your ceiling in the winter, your home may grow colder from the lack of circulation. Reversing your ceiling fan, however, draws the warm air from the ceiling, which will in return help keep your electric bill from increasing. To modify your fan, first, make sure that it is turned off to prevent any injuries. The switch can be found on the blade and above the light. For vertical switches, flip the switch downward for downward air flow. For vertical, flip the switch to the left.


At, we hope these tips and tricks help winterize your rental. However, for more information, you should contact your property’s leasing office.