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How to Feng Shui Your Home

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese ideology of harmonizing people and objects in their surrounding environment. In this philosophy, every object contains Chi, or energy, and by rearranging your home, you can have a better flow of Chi. The Chinese believe you can use this stream of energy to bring you good health, luck, and wealth as well as promoting relaxation and better rest.

Natural and Neutral Colors

Earth tones such as cream, brown, tan, ivory, and gray are ideal for creating a calm atmosphere. You can also try using blues and lavenders to promote healing energies in your home. Reds can be utilized in the bedroom to promote romance in relationships, but don’t overall with this bright, loving color. Instead, try using it as an accent color to accompany a more peaceful, calming color, while also mixing it up with different tones.

Bed Position

In Feng Shui, the rule of thumb is to place the bed as far away from the bedroom door as possible, while still being able to maintain an eye on it from your distance. This provides you with comfort and calmness from the safety of your bed while sleeping.


Headboards are considered to be an essential in the bedroom. It provides support and high strength behind the head. Wooden ones are specially endorsed for the best flow of energy. On the other hand, footboards are not compatible as they create an obstacle for Chi.

Clearing the Clutter

Clutter is a good way to enforce bad chi. Decluttering will not only make you feel better and more organized, but also improve your energies which can aid in better sleep and less stress.


Natural light is the best you can do to help Feng Shui your home. Try using thinner curtains, white sheer curtains, for example, to help let more natural light into your room. During the night when you are trying to rest, use soft lights or candles to promote relaxation and good rest.


Curves and soft lines are better for your Chi than pointed and sharp ones. It is said that pointed edges promote bad energies and direct them to places. For instance, sharp bedside tables direct bad chi towards you while you are sleeping. Try redecorating and investing in a circular side table.

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