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Safety Tips when Living Alone

Living alone can be so fun–no more roommates, you get to decorate however you want, and more refrigerator space. However, while living by yourself is exciting, it also comes with much responsibility. Besides bills and maintenance, a tremendous responsibility is your safety. Your home is also your safe space where you should feel comfortable, not scared. This list of tips, tricks, and considerations are here to help you feel safe when living alone.

Meet Your Neighbors

It is always important to be acquaintances with your friends whether you live in an apartment or a house. Other than being friendly, this is a huge step in your security as well as your homes. You don’t have to become best friends, but it doesn’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes on you and your home.

Get a Dog

While dogs often serve as a “man’s best friend,” they are also full-time security guards. Dogs not only have incredible instincts and can tell when trouble is near, but are also very protective of their owners. However, not all apartment complexes allow furry friends. Check with your apartment office and make sure pets are allowed. There also may be specific rules for pet owners, so ask about those as well.

Download a Personal Security App

An easy step towards amping up your security is by downloading a personal safety app to your smartphone. One great application is SafeTrek, which can be synced onto your Apple Watch as well. This app tracks its user and can send police to their exact location without even having to make a phone call. Another impressive feature is a button which the user presses when in danger and releases when once again safe. If held down too long, it will automatically send alerts to your emergency contacts.

Don’t Give Clues that You’re Out of Town

Burglars often strike a home that appears to be vacant over an extended amount of time. This is why is it important not to leave any hints that you may be on vacation or temporarily away. Great ways to keep your home from looking unoccupied are getting friends or neighbors to collect your mail so that it doesn’t pile up and leaving a small single light on, such as a porch or entrance light. Another thing to keep in mind is your social media usage. If you’re posting about your trip online, that is an open invitation for people to break into your empty home. To combat this potential burglary, refrain from posting about your vacation or any pictures until after you’re home. That way, you can still share your experience, but no one will know exactly when you’re gone and your house is empty.

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