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The end of the semester is quickly approaching, and while that means the holiday season is near, it also means final exams are creeping up faster than anticipated. Studying methods can differ for everyone. However, some fundamental tips will make your studying session much more efficient. Keep reading to learn some helpful tips to ace this semester. 

Remove distractions

A cell phone is easily the most distracting item when trying to study. Hold off on checking social media, replying to a friend’s text message, or playing your favorite game for the duration of your study session. Checking your notifications can quickly become a 30-minute distraction. So, to ensure you’re not tempted to waste precious study time on Tik Tok, make sure your phone is face down or better yet, in another room. 

Friends can also quickly become a distraction when studying. If you’re not the multitasking type and prefer studying alone or in silence, make sure that you study in a secluded area where you cannot be easily distracted. You can catch up with friends and roommates after you ace your final! 

Put on music

Music is very helpful when getting into the “studying zone.” Remove all distractions by popping in your headphones and listening to some calm background music. ‘Instrumental Study’ is a popular Spotify playlist to listen to while studying or doing homework. Click here to tune into this playlist and tune out the distractions. 

Lighting is key

It is incredibly tempting to close your books and crawl into bed if the lighting is dim and perfect for a quick snooze. To avoid this temptation, make sure that you are in a bright space with plenty of lighting; a well-lit room with plenty of windows and natural lighting is ideal. Additionally, lights and lamps are perfect for not only seeing your material but ensuring that you are kept awake and on point while you study. 

Don’t study on your bed

Studies show that studying on your bed can not only make studying much more difficult but affect your sleep schedule as well. Doing homework or studying in bed can reduce your focus, as your brain associates your bed with comfort and sleep. Training your body to associate your bed as a place to study makes falling asleep much more difficult. After your body gets into this habit, once you lay in bed to call it a night, your mind will continue to think. Therefore, affecting your sleep schedule and robbing you of your limited and appreciated sleep time. Avoid this problem by studying at a table or desk, so that your brain healthily associates studying with an office or computer area.