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Outdoor elements have a natural appeal to us all; however, in our busy lives, it can be a bit challenging to immerse ourselves in the natural world. By incorporating natural elements into your home, you can improve air quality, reduce stress levels, and even boost energy. If you’re looking to enhance the nature of your home, here are 5 tips to bring the outdoors in and improve your living space.

Let in natural light

Natural light is an excellent way to include remnants of the outdoors in your home and comes at no expense. Pull back the curtains, draw the blinds, and let the natural sunlight invigorate you. By allowing natural light into your home daily, you’ll be able to see and feel how the outdoors pours into your space.

Open the windows

Fresh air and beautiful scenery in the morning can be very therapeutic. Bring outdoor nature in and enjoy the beautiful landscape, pools, or pets playing in the back yard. If you’re moving and a pleasant view is vital to your living space, be sure to find a place with a striking view as it can be very advantageous.

Use colors inspired by outdoor features

Such colors include green, blue, yellow, beiges, and whites. Greens typically represent the earth or plants, blues are refreshing like water or the sky, while yellows evoke a sense of freshness like the sun or flowers, and neutral and white tones are very calming and can make interiors feel less busy and clean. Using colors inspired by nature can go much further than just painting a wall, these can be used for decorations, bedding, window coverings, or even furniture.

Use elements that represent nature

Using outdoor elements into your home can give your home a look and feel of nature. Using seashells, wood, beach sand jars, and quarts stones are great ways of incorporating natural decorations. Utilizing murals and photographs of these elements is another way to liven the space up. Natural textures such as linen, flax, and wicker are all materials that are remnants of the outdoors, whether it be linen curtains, a flax area rug, or a wicker basket to hold fruit, these details can go a long way.

Plants and flowers

The most obvious way to bring outdoors in is with plants or flowers. Fresh plants and flowers are always a great way to invoke the outdoor atmosphere, whether you prefer an indoor plant that you take care of, artificial plants that last years, or greenery. Using flowers and plants is a great way to bring out your style, cactuses, bouquets, vines, or whichever you prefer, and place it on the coffee table, windowsill, side table; the options are endless.