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A lot of apartment dwellers assume they don’t have the space or resources for entertaining guests. However, you don’t need a huge space to invite guests into your home. Follow these simple steps to pull together a fantastic party in your limited space!

The Guest List

The type of party that you plan on having determines how many people you can realistically fit into your space. For instance, a dinner party should be capped at the amount of people that can fit at your table. Also, people tend to sit down more during daytime parties, so it’s important to have a seat for each guest. Nighttime parties are a different story. If the party mostly consists of cocktails and socializing, having up to three times as many people is acceptable because people will be up and about instead of sitting down. Just remember to only invite a number of people with whom you feel comfortable sharing your home- the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable at your own party.

Wall Decor

Bulky and oversized table decorations take up valuable counter space. Instead, opt for decorations that you can hang on walls or the ceiling. If you want something to place over flat surfaces, consider decorative tablecloths, napkins, platters, or garnishes- all of which are useful pieces.

Tip: Set the tone of the party before people even walk in. Hang a sign on your front door that matches the theme!

Spread out the food and drink stations

If you keep your food and bar close, your guest will end up cluttered. By placing food and drinks in different serving areas through your home, you’ll keep traffic moving and avoid clumps of people.

Tip: Next time, hand out drinks near the door and keep the food in the back of your entertaining space. This helps with flow so your guests won’t stay in one spot.

Keep those cleaning products handy

No matter how much preparation you might do, accidents still occur. Keep your favorite stain remover and rags on hand so when someone does spill a drink, you can react fast and avoid long-term stains.

Plan your food strategically 

It’s best to serve food that is easy to eat and will not make a mess. Finger foods are highly recommended- ones that do not require utensils nor large plates. If you want to offer an item that is not a “finger food”, consider food choices that don’t yield a lot of cleanup like salads and casseroles.

Mood Lighting 

Change out your normal light bulbs for lower-wattage ones that help set your party’s tone (with a soft and vibrant glow) without taking up extra space. The best option is to buy them online- Amazon offers many different types and wattage options.

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