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Tips on Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you hosting your family and friends for Thanksgiving this year? If this is your first time hosting the holiday, you may feel a lot of pressure to both perform and master some iconic Thanksgiving dishes. With each day bringing us one step closer to Thanksgiving day, we want to help ease your nerves by sharing a few of our essential tips to host the best Thanksgiving Dinner.

Don’t Turn Down Help

We often become prideful when we invite guests into our home. It is our first instinct to turn down the offer for helping hands in the kitchen or preparing of the meals. We want our guests to feel relaxed, and like you have it all under control. However, don’t be afraid to accept the offer to help. Whether it is asking your friends to bring their favorite dish, or allowing extra help with the post-meal cleanup; allow your friends to contribute to the big day.

Prepare Before Guests Come Over

Don’t get caught up in the last minute crunch time before your guests arrive at your doorstep. Instead, begin prepping for the big meal by checking to make sure you have your ingredients, silverware, dishes, glasses, and napkins to accommodate all your guests. Dishes you know are going to take some time, begin the necessary prep before your guests arrive so you won’t be scrambling to finish once your home is packed.

It’s Not the Time To Try Something New

I know that Pinterest recipe may look good, but perhaps hold off on trying something new. If you do decide to whip up a new dish, make sure you have another recipe you are confident in and that your guests will enjoy.

Plan the Cleanup

Before you let the hustle and bustle of meal preparation get the best of you, be sure that you are making small efforts here and there to clean as you go. This will make the final cleanup, not as overwhelming, and half as time consuming.

Take a Deep Breath and Relax

Last but not least, the best advice we could give you on hosting Thanksgiving dinner is to take a deep breath and relax! Have fun, enjoy the company of your guests, the delicious food you prepared, and pat yourself on the back for pulling off this big day. Find moments of thankfulness in the midst of the busy day.