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Transitioning Your Home from Summer to Fall


As the weather begins to cool, people start looking forward to the holidays. Some fall favorites, Halloween and Thanksgiving, are only a few short months away. Now, we’re not saying you need to bring out the pumpkin carving kit just yet, but as you begin to pack up your bathing suits and bring out the jackets, you may want to start preparing your home for the colder months as well. To make the most of this beautiful season, we’ve got some of the quickest and cost-efficient ways to revamp your home and make it feel like an autumnal dream.


Warm and Cozy


In the summer heat, the last thing you want to think about is bundling up in a blanket. However, this can be one of the most delightful things about the fall. Search your closets and uncover all your throws, blankets, and decorative pillows. You can place them on your couches and decorate your bed with darker toned and thicker bedding.

We can picture it now: you, on your couch, wrapped in a maroon throw with a steaming hot cup of tea in one hand and a book in another. Welcome to your fall paradise.


Fall Scents


Is there anything better than the smell of apple pie? Cinnamon? What about pine, birch, or sandalwood? Not only do candles add to the cozy element of decorating your home in the fall, but they also can make your home smell like a perfect autumn dreamland. We suggest going for scents that remind you of your childhood or the fun holidays you have back home.


Neutral & Warm Colors


Switch out the whites and blues for beige or tan. You want to go for decorations and blankets that are either neutral colors or warmer colors (red, orange, brown). You can even switch out your paintings so that they reflect the warmer tones you want for your fall inspired home.


Natural Elements


Rustic and natural design elements help make your home inviting. By incorporating simple additions, like wooden picture frames, and nature-inspired design, like pinecones and hydrangeas, your home will feel like the beauty of the outdoors has been captured inside. These decorations help remind you, and your visitors, of the fall foliage and crisp air.


Update Accent Pieces


Updating your accent pieces is all about the little stuff that commonly gets overlooked. Carefully examine all your decorations throughout your entire house to make sure nothing is missed. Some of the most common things people forget to switch out: towels, soaps, and table settings. Be sure to grab new hand towels that are darker colors, buy soaps with cinnamon or wooden scents, and switch out your sea shell place setting for one with orange and red leaves.