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Nearly 40 million Americans move at least once every year, and more than half of them move between May and September. Because of this, the summer months are an extremely busy time for moving companies, and as a result, prices increase, and schedules are tight-knit. While most Americans are planning their move this summer, stay one step ahead by reading the benefits of moving this winter. 

Lower moving costs 

After picking out your new home and paying the numerous expenses attached, you are probably ready to bargain hunt when finding a moving company. Luckily, moving rates lower in the winter, as most moving companies are trying to attract customers and stay busy.

Flexible scheduling

When moving in the summer, it can be challenging to get your desired delivery or pick-up date, as movers’ schedules are often full. On the other hand, moving companies in the winter months are almost always available to work with your schedule, and often on short notice. Like any other company, with fewer customers, movers will be able to give you more personalized attention – allowing more flexibility when it comes to scheduling and desired dates.  

Better quality service

With movers’ schedules nearly empty, they will have much more time and attention to give you. No more worrying about whether movers will be rushing to move your fragile belongings! While a professional moving company will always handle with care, this becomes much easier with an empty schedule. 

Easier to settle in

Finally, moving in the cold season gives you more time to get adjusted and settle into your new home. Things in the winter seem to move slower, giving you ample time to unpack, decorate, and get to know your neighbors. 

If you’ve been looking for the right time to move, this is it! Take advantage of the added benefits, rather than letting the winter weather intimidate you from moving into your dream home. Moving can be expensive, and moving in the winter is the perfect opportunity to save some cash, have a flexible schedule, and receive the highest quality service!